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New York’s distilleries are small-batch, artisanal enterprises, and no two are the same. From gin and whiskey, to applejack and liqueurs, each craft spirit reflects the highly personal style of its creator and the essence of agricultural raw materials available from New York State farms.


At more than 150 distilleries and counting throughout the State, visitors have an opportunity to learn about the art of craft spirits from the makers. While marveling at the intricate copper pot stills and walls of wooden aging barrels, spirit enthusiasts savor the delicious smells of the process, from the sweet cereal scent as grains are made into a “mash” to the sourdough-like aroma of fermentation. Best of all, distillery tours always culminate in the tasting rooms, where you can try the finished spirits before selecting which ones you wish take home.

Hudson Valley

18 Producers 8 Cities

The beautiful valley that frames the majestic Hudson River is a fertile area of charming river towns, historic sites, agricultural…

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Spirited NYC

16 Producers 4 Cities

Innovation is a hallmark of New York City, which attracts entrepreneurs from around the world. Distilleries are increasing each year…

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Western NY Distilling Trail

17 Producers 9 Cities

Western NY and the Finger lakes, Far from New York City’s hustle and bustle amidst the rolling hills and glacier…

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