Shady Knoll Orchards & Distillery LLC

Family Farm, Orchard, Distillery and Tasting Room: FAMILY-OWNED.....HOME-GROWN.....HANDCRAFTED

We are a small family-owned and operated farm and craft distillery in the historic Hudson River Valley of New York. Our apple orchard produces over 120 varieties of apples that we process and blend to create a truly unique Apple Brandy and Pommeau (a blend of our Apple Brandy and our fresh apple juice) in the French Calvados style. We also plant and harvest our own rye grain that we combine with corn and barley grown on NYS farms to create a distinctive Rye Whiskey. Our Apple Brandy and Rye Whiskey are double-distilled in our traditional French alembic Charentais pot still to capture the unique terroir and aromas of our home-grown apples and grains. We do all processing, fermenting, distilling, barrel-aging, bottling and labeling on our farm. We are open for tours and tastings by appointment through the "Contact" section of our website:




APPLE BRANDY: We harvest and process the over 120 varieties of European and American cider and other apples in our family orchard. We then allow the apple juice to ferment naturally without the addition of commercial yeast or other additives for six to twelve months (a classic technique in the Normandy region of France to create Calvados). Then we distill the fermented apple juice (or hard cider) twice in our French alembic Charentais pot still to produce a high proof spirit that is ready to age. Our Apple Brandy is aged for at least one year in new American oak barrels, and then aged in premium used Portuguese Madeira barrels to create a smooth finish that highlights our apples.
POMMEAU: Our aged Apple Brandy is combined with fresh apple juice from our apples and rested in our used Apple Brandy barrels for three to four months to create this classic French style apertif.
RYE WHISKEY: Our grainery processes the rye grain grown on our farm with corn and malted barley grown on nearby farms. We blend the ground rye, corn and barley into a rich mash and ferment it in our mash tun. Then we double distill it in our French alembic Charentais pot still. We ferment and distill on the grain in order to enhance its flavor and proof. Then we age our distillate for at least one year in a combination of new American oak barrels and then finish it in premium used Portuguese Port barrels to create a smooth finish.


Shady Knoll Orchards & Distillery LLC

37 Brush Hill Road, Millbrook, NY, USA

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Shady Knoll Orchards & Distillery Tasting Room

Tours and tastings by appointment on the "Contact" section of our website: We charge a $5 fee per person, which is waived for any person who buys any of our spirits.

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