Do You Want Your Favorite NYS Spirits and Cider Shipped Right to Your Door?

Help us enact direct-to-consumer shipping so you can safely and conveniently get our amazing New York State spirits and cider shipped right to your door.

During the pandemic emergency, all of New York's craft beverage producers received temporary authorization to ship their products to consumers in the state – something our wine industry has done safely since the 1980s.

That temporary privilege expired, and the industry NEEDS YOUR HELP to enact legislation that will let us ship directly to your home once again – and permanently this time!

What is Direct to Consumer (DTC) shipping? Direct shipping expands your access to every New York State craft beverage producer, many of which are unavailable at even the biggest retailers. In the state of New York, Wineries have been able to directly ship their products to consumer for over three decades now. We believe distilleries should have the same opportunity! During the temporary allowance of spirits Direct to Consumer shipping at the start of the pandemic, it was proven that this is a safe and convenient way to reach customers. Allowing DTC shipping of spirits will help distillers recover from the pandemic, increase jobs, support future growth and boost tax revenue for the state.

Your legislators need to know that YOU WANT direct-to-consumer shipping. It will only take two minutes to bring a tremendous positive change to our small businesses and beverages to your door!

Please use one of the links below to send a message via our national partners' platforms.

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